Start Construction on a Solid Surface

Use building pads on your property in Longview, Tyler, or Henderson, TX

You don't want your new home sinking into the dirt. Affordable Dirt Work And Land Clearing can dig out foundations and install building pads. Having a stable concrete surface to build on makes construction go much more smoothly.

We take a lot of details into consideration when constructing a new building pad. We'll be sure to figure out:

  • Where the building pad should go
  • The size of the building pad
  • The proper compaction needed
  • Whether you want an engineered or non-engineered pad

Get the building pad you need now in Longview or Henderson, TX and the surrounding areas.

Choose us for all your excavation and building pad needs

We can begin building pad construction as soon as it's needed. We'll work swiftly and safely to get the new building pad set up. Once it's properly installed, your building pad will remain stable and secure for years to come. We can prep sites for both residential and commercial construction.

Call now to learn more about building pad construction in Longview, Tyler, or Henderson, TX.